Our Time 21st Century Seniors, Inc.’s motto is – “Our Time is not the past  . . . Our Time is Now.” Over time this adage becomes more manifest in the actions taken by board and staff members.  The approach toward inspiring seniors to live life their way nurtures an intent to serve every part of the senior existence.  The organization believes the mind, body, and spirit are one; what affects one aspect of the person affects all others.  The aim is to instruct and heal the entire being, so that it is one healthy and thriving whole – self-reliant and proud of their past, present, and future accomplishments.

Our Time 21st Century Seniors, Inc. took possession of new office on May 1, 2017.

Our Time 21st Century Seniors (OT) is dedicated to assisting seniors 50+ to continue living substantively and progressively.  Arbor Terrace at Cascade in Atlanta, Georgia is a favorite OT partner, with which it plans to increase the number of workshops, and provide presentations that inform, motivate, and educate seniors to acquire new skills, or fine-tune the abilities they already possess.

OT and Arbor Terrace share a common belief that seniors can retain their independence and continue growing and progressing to greater heights of productivity.  Though computer literacy and ink art are the workshops currently taught by Our Time’s staff, a bevy of new ones exist and will be implemented.

Chief among the new workshops soon to be rolled out is sewing – a course that would not be possible without the donation of sewing equipment by dedicated donor, Walter Bell.  The sewing course will be taught by Georgia State University fashion design student Gynella Ngounou, staff of GSU volunteers, and Ms. Anna Johnson, herself a productive senior.  The organization is elated to involve young people, as there is so much each population can learn from the other.

As of May 1, 2017, Our Time 21st Century Seniors, Inc. relocated to an office on Campbellton Road in Southwest Atlanta, which is in proximity to many of their current and future clients.  The new location is equipped with a training room, where workshops will be conducted, and a board room for monthly meetings.  The organization considers the move a major step forward, and is confident that this is the beginning of greater achievements to come.