Board Member Diane Dunn, Ginny Albert and Michael Wyatt, Co-Founders

Every year, Arbor Terrace at Cascade honors persons and organizations that have served senior residents at their assisted living facility.  On Tuesday, April 25, 2017 during Arbor Terrace’s Volunteer Appreciation dinner, Our Time 21st Century Seniors, Inc. (OT) was presented with a certificate of appreciation for the computer literacy and ink art workshops that have been provided for nearly three years.

Diane Dunn, a recent addition to the OT board, accompanied Ginny Albert, CEO, and Mike Wyatt, CFO (co-founders) to the event, for an opportunity to listen to speakers and revel in the aura born of volunteerism on a massive scale.

It was a stellar evening during which many other nonprofits, church officials, and volunteers received thanks for the tireless charity and assistance rendered to Arbor Terrace residents.  Volunteers were treated with tasty cuisine throughout the event, and gloried in the opportunity to mingle with luminaries from every segment of the nonprofit universe.

Our Time volunteers have had the distinct privilege to work with Arbor Terrace administrators and residents since 2014, teaching Computer Literacy and Ink Art.  Ginny, Mike and board members Chris Crenshaw, Mikkayla Dickerson, Diane Dunn, and Margaret McBride look forward to many more years of partnering with Arbor Terrace.  We join in solidarity to improve the lives of seniors 50+, stressing the importance of treating mind, body and spirit as one.  Together we encourage seniors to remember the contributions they have made to families, and enriching major corporations with a work ethic that can be compared to no other.

Our Time 21st Century Seniors, Inc.’s board and staff were elated to receive the commemorative plaque just in time to adorn the walls of their new Southwest Atlanta office.