Our Time 21st Century Seniors have acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge in both their personal and corporate lives. By utilizing these invaluable insights, our specialized workshops aim to expand talents within relevant fields in the current workplace or find creative talents not previously realized. With unique training opportunities consistently being presented by our seasoned experts, there is an ever-growing selection of workshops available. From computer literacy to public speaking, continued education provides meaningful substantive involvement and limitless potential for broadening interests.

According to the Surgeon General, more than half of seniors 75 and older do not engage in activity — let Our Time help! Education, too, not only provides mental challenges, but enhances a sense of community. About one quarter of adults 65 and older obtained higher education, and research indicates that older adults with better access to education are more likely to use the internet and broadband at increasing rates — even exceeding that of the general population. Our Time helps seniors return to academics and hosts computer workshops.

Motivational Speaking
Older adults with exceptional or ongoing experience in the entrepreneurial field will organize motivational presentations. Covering a wide variety of topics, Our Time speakers will explore a myriad of ways to rejoin the workforce, pursue new business ideas, or find additional ways to continue improving skills and contributing to society.

At Our Time, theatre and the arts represent a valued and life-enriching pursuit. Whether older adults express an interest in viewing or participation, volunteers and staff alike will organize readings, support participation and facilitate learning more about the performative arts.

Chris Crenshaw and Ginny Albert read excerpts from a play written by an Our Time 21st Century Seniors, Inc., staff member.

Senior Tours
Our Time encourages older adults to get out and see the city — or the world! Experienced staff and board members will host trips and help older adults explore and learn about the city they live in, and provide additional opportunities abroad to explore other cultures and neighborhoods.

Funeral Services
Our Time respectfully provides assistance to loved ones in order to ease the hardships everyone faces during those difficult transitions. Whether family and friends are looking for solutions to specific challenges, or just require locating a variety of services, Our Time can provide information and assistance.

Workshops will be conducted to help seniors awaken those dormant talents that were ignored while they created careers and raised families.

  • Acting Classes
  • Computer Literacy
  • GRE Prep
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Public Speaking
  • Creative Writing
  • Jewelry-making
  • Fitness/Health

Motivational Speaking
Our Time affiliates will periodically conduct motivational speaking engagements to seniors. Employees who have or had successful businesses will buoy the hopes of those who doubt themselves due to layoffs and the inability to become gainfully re-employed. The speaker will show by example that entrepreneurship is a viable endeavor, and since they have done it so can attendees!

Our Time produces plays at assisted living facilities and senior centers. Those seniors who are interested in acting or any other film or play-related opportunity will be encouraged to write or get involved in other ways. The types of plays or films will be motivational in nature, or simply thought-provoking. Seniors will audition for readings and their peers will understand there is a place for them, as well, if they choose to participate.

Senior Tours
Bus tours will be conducted to historic sites in Atlanta and other Georgia cities. This activity will increase knowledge of everyone on the tour, especially those who have had little time to engage in this sort of experience. We also plan to offer trips abroad, offering an engaging experience for seniors.

Funeral Services
Many people have a specific way they wish to transition from this plane. The plan is to find an inexpensive way for seniors to be laid to rest. Contact will be made with local funeral homes, and perhaps a way can be devised where families of the deceased who can afford to pay the standard prices can do so, but those families who cannot afford market prices can receive a discount.

We are so thankful to all those who donate to help keep Our Time 21st Century Seniors working to provide seniors with a new perspective on life. If you'd like to contribute to our mission, click the button below.


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